About Us

Why buy when you can hire a dream dress?
So that big day is coming up… Whether it’s your friend’s wedding, a birthday party or a formal dinner, you want to find the perfect dress. The memories will stay forever, but there’s no reason for paying full price for a dress you probably won’t wear again.Another event? You don’t have to wear the same dress twice studio41jaipur means you can always wear something new! Because you feel your best when you’re wearing something for the first time, our designer dresses look awesome on everyone and they’re for rent. It’s a win-win.It’s no secret that nowadays Instagram and facebook serve as inspiration to many. Be the next queen of social media by letting everyone see how perfect is your designer dress and how good you look… #studio41jaipur. Don’t spend your precious time and effort running in hundreds of stores to find the perfect dress. With a wide selection of dresses for every occasion we are a one stop destination. You can receive all dresses in the comfort of your home and if needed the concept is simple: Rent a dress of your choosing for a few days, wear it, then return it. Pay a small amount extra for insurance. you can simply visit the site, select an ouit and order it for a period of me, usually three to seven days. Then, you ship it back via courier.